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The Cape of Fear

It is said the name “CAPE FEAR” comes from Sir Richard Grenville on his expedition to Roanoke Island in 1585. When his ship became trapped behind the Cape, some of the crew were in fear of wrecking hence the name CAPE OF FEAR Which was later shortened to Cape Fear.

It is the fifth oldest surviving English place name in the United States.

You are invited to come and explore the Cape Fear. From the beach life to the night life, we hope to give you a glimpse of our beautiful and exciting life style.

See what's going on in the Cape Fear area and get involved. If you have any photos of the cape fear area that you want to post please do so on our user post gallery.

So explore the Cape Fear and go out and play!

Sunrise at the Board walk in Carolina Beach, NC
Sunrise at the Board walk in Carolina Beach, NC

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